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About iMA Contact

With 17 years of experience in marketing and communication, we have built up the expertise to call ourselves customer contact specialists. Our advisors are multilingual and speak fluent Dutch/Flemish, French, English, German and Turkish.

We offer customer contact solutions for Inbound, Outbound and Online Services.

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Effective customer contact solutions

iMA Contact started as a marketing agency in 2005 and has gradually grown into an international customer contact center with 100+ employees and 20+ partners. We are aware that customer service is just as important as a company's sales department today. Without an optimally organized customer service, it is (almost) impossible to distinguish yourself and be successful.

As a business, you want to increase your customer base and gain more loyal customers. To do this, you should attach optimal value to your customers; not only in the form of good products and competitive prices, but also by providing good service. And that's where iMA Contact comes in. With us, you can exceed your customer expectations and invest in sustainable customer relationships that ultimately lead to higher conversion rates and revenue!

Our Services

Inbound Solutions

Flexible and complete inbound telephony solutions.

  • Customer service
  • Answering service
  • Customer retention
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Outbound Solutions

Efficient marketing of your services/products

  • B2C Telemarketing
  • B2B Telemarketing
  • Agenda planning
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Online Services

Personal interaction with your customers through digital media

  • Live Chat
  • Email Management
  • Social media management
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Value Your Contacts

At iMA Contact, we strive for optimal customer value by providing your customers with first-class service. We make every effort to keep every customer satisfied. Customer contact processes are set up as efficiently as possible, resulting in fewer errors and an increase in the value of your service. In this way, we create a larger market share, which leads to higher profits.

By delivering excellent customer service, you demonstrate that you value your customers. You are consistently accessible and actively engaged with your customers. With our effective service, you keep your customers satisfied, satisfied customers will return, which leads to loyal customers and this allows you to build a larger customer base.

iMA Contact Value Your Contacts

Our added value

Proactive approach

We provide our customer service agents with substantive guidance and actively think about improving customer experiences. We do this through structured training and meetings; we prepare for possible customer issues that may arise and anticipate frequently asked questions in advance. This proactive approach increases the quality and efficiency of customer contact.

Personal attention

Customers expect to be helped quickly and want attention when they have a complaint or problem. Personal telephone contact is very effective in this regard, as customers receive an immediate response and can convey their message with tone. Our customer service representatives are good listeners, enjoy thinking along with the customer, and look at a problem from different angles to offer multiple solutions.

Efficient solutions

Increased quality of customer contact leads to a reduction in average call duration; that is efficiency. Customers receive a solution faster, resulting in a better experience of your product or service. This has a huge positive impact on customer loyalty.

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