Over the years we have served a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large international corporations. Our commitment to building strong, long-lasting relationships and providing high-quality services sets us apart in today's complex and rapidly changing market environment.

Our reliability as a partner is based on our extensive experience and expertise, with which we provide tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs of our diverse clients.

By handing over your current customer service experience to us, we provide your customers with exceptional experiences that will strengthen their loyalty. Our employees are trained according to your instructions and are skilled in the latest customer contact techniques and systems. Our partnership takes your customer service to the next level, while you can fully focus on the internal tasks of your company.

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Let’s Grow Together!

A selection of our valued partners

Essent België (Luminus)

For Essent Belgium, later Luminus, we have had a long-term partnership with which we have effectively carried out Inbound, Outbound and Agenda planning activities.

"Efficient people with a heart and soul for the profession. A collaboration is not a one-way street, and with iMA Contact, a partnership becomes a valuable and sustainable relationship. It's the perfect solution for outsourced sales activities, with high quality."

Stijn Colmonts - Channel Manager Essent BE

Sold + Pepper Contactcenter

Together with Sold + Pepper Contactcenter, we provide customer service for a number of leading organizations. We provide support here with inbound and outbound customer service.

"We have been working with iMA Contact for several years now, and for us, iMA Contact is a reliable and committed business partner. We have a constructive, critical relationship with each other, which helps to keep us sharp. We find the agents of iMA Contact to be good, honest, enthusiastic and experienced. With all the projects we place with iMA Contact, we work closely together to ensure a good start to campaigns and to continuously improve quality and performance during the course of these campaigns. Despite the distance, it is always a great team effort that we achieve together."

Sold + Pepper Contactcenter BV

iMA Promo

Since the liberalization of the energy market, competition among energy suppliers has increased significantly. This healthy competition offers many benefits for consumers. However, many consumers are unaware of this and remain customers of one supplier for many years. New customers receive welcome bonuses, discounts and gifts, while loyal customers remain on the higher rate. It may sound strange, but loyalty is penalized.

iMA Promo offers support for consumers who want to switch to a different supplier to save on costs. The switch is completely free for consumers. For every switch, iMA Promo receives a small fee from the supplier.

GoAds Marketing

For GoAds Marketing we set up a B2B Agenda planning campaign to fill the account managers agendas with high converting appointments.

"We loved working with iMA Contact. Thanks to the high-quality appointments they scheduled, our account managers agendas were effectively filled and we were able to expand our customer base. We are very satisfied with the commitment and professionalism of the iMA Contact team and recommend it to anyone looking for quality appointments."

GoAds Marketing

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