Online Services

With technological developments, especially younger customers can focus on online service channels such as social media, chat, and email. It is important that your business is also present online and communicates with your customers on their preferred channel. This way, your customers have more contact options and feel more engaged with your company. Optimize your customer service with personalized service channels with iMA Contact!

Live Chat

With live chat, customers can instantly contact your business when they have a question or problem. It is a very fast and easy way of customer contact. At iMA Contact, we work as follows: as soon as a new chat request comes in, we respond immediately and gather the necessary data. Then, we identify the problem and offer a suitable solution.

E-mail Management

iMA Contact provides email management services to help you efficiently process and organize your daily influx of emails. If you struggle with managing your inbox, we are here to help you.

Social Media Management

We create, publish, and analyze content on your social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn). With our knowledge, attention and experience, we ensure that you have a strong online presence and stand out.

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