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iMA Contact contributes to the experience of your customers and is therefore an extension of your business. With our services, you provide your customers the best possible customer contact solutions.

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Het belang van goede klantenservice - iMA Contact

The importance of good customer service

Nowadays, it is no longer enough for a business to excel based on a product or service alone. You can offer a top-quality product with the best intentions, but it may not be as great if it does not meet the needs of the customer.

A long-term partnership where the customer and business stand side-by-side and a bond of trust is built; that is the foundation of success. Good accessibility is an indispensable characteristic in this regard. By being optimally accessible and involved, you improve the customer experience and generate appreciation and sympathy; customers remain loyal and your customer base grows.

Deliver good customer service and invest in sustainable customer relationships with iMA Contact.

  • Proactive approach
  • Personal customer contact
  • Efficient solutions
  • For both small and large businesses

Value Your Contacts

At iMA Contact, we strive for optimal customer value by providing your customers with first-class service. We make every effort to keep every customer satisfied. Customer contact processes are set up as efficiently as possible, resulting in fewer errors and an increase in the value of your service. In this way, we create a larger market share, which leads to higher profits.

By delivering excellent customer service, you demonstrate that you value your customers. You are consistently accessible and actively engaged with your customers. With our effective service, you keep your customers satisfied, satisfied customers will return, which leads to loyal customers and this allows you to build a larger customer base.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

By outsourcing your customer service, you improve your service and no longer leave a customer waiting. Your customer contacts are handled efficiently by professional contact center agents, allowing you to focus on the internal affairs of your business. This saves you a lot of extra time and money; you don't have to hire or train your own staff.

iMA Contact is an international contact center with 100+ employees, 20+ partners, and over 17 years of experience in marketing and customer contact solutions. We're not just another vendor; we become an extension of your business, working together to drive higher revenue and conversions. With us, you invest in sustainable customer relationships, and your customer contacts are handled effectively, efficiently, and professionally.

We provide effective inbound solutions, outbound solutions, and online services through a proactive approach and personalized customer contact.

With more than 100 employees, team iMA is spread across Konya, Ankara, Denizli and Nazilli. Our employees are friendly, positive and always remain professional. We speak fluent Dutch/Flemish, French, English, German and Turkish.

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