Agenda planning

IMA Contact is your Voice of Tone in Agenda Planning (making appointments). We schedule effectively the appointments for your fied staff or accountmanagers.  The focus is set on the quality of those appointments.

We shedule the appointments in the agenda of your representatives through a calling action. Especially the non-active or former customers are a very promising target group.

How do you seperate yourself from your competitors? Who is your target audience? What do your potential customers want and what is your proposition? Based on all the collected data, we write a call script that fits the campaing and select the right call agents. During the campaign we continuously monitor the conversations and results. If necessary we will make suggestions for adjustments.

Because our agents don’t work for a bonus, we avoid oversell: every appointment is really a promising lead. Furthermore, when planning the agenda, we take the distance of travel that your accountmanager has to cover into consideration to ensure the most efficient route.

Also we monitor all appointments carefully. We immediately update any cancellations and try to convert them to a new appointment. We also continuously monitor the quality of the appointments to improve the current campaign. The details of all calls and appointments are presented to you in a clear report This allows you to start new promotions on the basis of usable sales information, or prospects with high interest are contacted again. 

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